Mossy Stones Roleplay and D&D Generators

Mossy Stones provides interesting and useful roleplay and writing generators to combat writer's block and help DMs and GMs get out of tight spots. Random generators are valuable tools to provide specific details, make up filler on the fly, or give quick and simple ideas to make room for expansion.

About the Site

The generators on this site are sorted into four different categories: People, Places, Things, and D&D. People generators will relate to names, characters, and character development. Place generators involve landmarks, worlds, and maps. Thing generators include items and spells, clothing, and animals. Finally, D&D generators are specific to Dungeons & Dragons. While I'm most familiar with 5e, I'll be continuing work to make my generators compatible with more editions and tabletops.

About the Author

I've been roleplaying for over a decade now, starting off on numerous forums, working my way through email, then Minecraft, then Guild Wars. Somewhere in between, I got a crash course on 5e and 3.5. You'll mostly see me playing street rats and thugs, but I'll occasionally branch out to other archetypes to tantalize whatever whim I'm feeling at the time.

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